Wheel Repair and Refinishing

Detroit Wheel and Tire offers complete wheel repairs and refinishing services. We can service all wheels both foreign and domestic.

Your wheel will be repaired back to its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. The procedures we utilize are the same as the OEM manufacturer, except it is performed in a manual vs. an automated job setting.

Note: A refinished wheel will return the wheel to a “Like-New” condition. It is important to note that the refinished wheel was originally used, so there may be very minor imperfections upon close inspection. In addition, since a refinished wheel is newly painted it may be a shade or 2 off from your existing wheels, which are not freshly painted. We have refinished thousands of wheels that are accepted daily by our commercial customers and insurance companies. Our finished product is excellent and very close to the condition & appearance of a brand-new wheel.


Wheel Repairs

Wheel Inspection:

All wheels are fully inspected prior to refinishing. If our inspection determines the wheel cannot be repaired back to OEM specification it will be returned. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concern.

If your wheel can’t be properly repaired, we offer thousands of in stock wheels for purchase that will save you money vs. buying a wheel new from the dealer.


Rim Straightening:

Wheel vibrations can damage your tires and cause serious damage to the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle.

In addition, damaged wheels can cause your rim to not hold proper air pressure. We offer state of the art equipment to repair most out of round or bent wheels back to a true, balanced condition.


We offer full TIG Welding services. Welding is a solution to fix some small wheel cracks which is strong and will keep the crack from getting worse. However, not all wheel cracks can be repaired.


Wheel Refinishing


Chemical Stripping:

We chemically strip all wheels prior to refinishing. This is the only proper way to completely remove old finishes and return the wheel back to raw aluminum.

Wheel Painting:

After the wheel is completely stripped, we first apply a powder primer. Then we apply the color coat with powder or wet paint depending upon the wheel. Then we apply a clear coat to provide maximum durability to the wheel finish.


Color Matching:

We use a PPG computerized color matching system to get the correct color match.

Curing Oven:

The rims are then cured in one of our three large ovens.


Wheel Polishing:

If the wheel requires a polished finish, we use one of our automated polishing machines. Many refinishing facilities still polish wheels manually, which is very difficult to get a consistent polished surface. Our state of the art automated polishing machines provide an excellent consistent polished surface every time.

Wheel Machining:

If the wheel requires a machined finish, we use our state of the art Lehigh CNC Lathe. This CNC machine provides a smooth clean machined surface.

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