PVD vs Chrome Plating

PVD Chrome finishes are 100 times lighter than traditional chrome.
PVD Chrome finishes do not add any additional weight to the wheel.
PVD Chrome finishes are completely environmentally green.
Three year warranty that covers against pitting and peeling.
Damaged PVD wheels can be repaired or re-coated.
PVD wheels can be used year-round and only require basic cleaning with warm soapy water.
The entire PVD coating process is completed in the United States.
Traditional chrome plating will almost always start to pit & peel within 12-24 months.
Traditional chrome plating adds an average of 2 to 3 pounds per wheel.
Chrome plating involves the use of very toxic chemicals and is close to being banned in Europe and the U.S.
Damaged chrome plated wheels usually cannot be repaired or re-plated.
Chrome plated wheels require a lot of preventive maintenance and should be removed for winter months.
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